Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia (Novocaine) with or without Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas)

This is the conventional type of anesthesia used at your dentists office. None of the drugs given for this type of anesthesia affect your mental acuity; therefore, you will be able to drive yourself home. The surgical area will be numbed with an injection and the procedure will then be performed. For your additional comfort, laughing gas can also be given through a nasal mask. Depending on the type of procedure, there will be varying degrees of noise and pressure, but you should not experience any discomfort. If you have a high level of anxiety, however, any pressure might be perceived as discomfort. Therefore, if you are mildly or moderately apprehensive, you may prefer one of the following options.

Oral Sedation with Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide

You will be given an oral premedication (Valium) to take prior to your arrival that will decrease your level of anxiety. The procedure itself will be performed identical to the option above. The premedication gives additional relaxation and comfort. The first dose should be taken two hours prior to the appointment. If this first dose is insufficient after one hour, please take the second dose. However, if the first dose has a profound effect (drowsiness, loss of coordination, loss of balance), do NOT take the second dose. You will still be aware of the procedure, but will be much more relaxed. With this method of anesthesia, you will be cognitively impaired. Therefore, you cannot come to the appointment alone. You must be accompanied by an adult who will drive you to and from our office.