Improving Fit Of Dentures

For many people, having dentures for a long period of time has caused re sorption and atrophy (shrinking) of bone levels, resulting in dentures that have very poor fit. In cases of advanced re sorption, no matter how well the denture is made, the anatomy does not allow a good fit. When chewing or speaking, the dentures can move and shift, causing poor function and speech. This problem is especially prevalent in the lower arch.

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Using as little as two implants, our doctors can provide a foundation for overdentures, which are dentures with securing devices to keep the dentures from moving and shifting during function. These securing devices can come in the form of snaps, bars and clips. After the initial healing period (3-4 months), your dentist will fabricate the attachments to the underside of your dentures that can snap on to the implants.This will allow much improved function and form for your dentures.

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